A deeply personal and sobering visit to Robben Island where we received a private tour from Nelson Mandela’s former warder turned fiend Christo Brand. What an amazing experience with many stories, conversations and moments shared by Christo during Mandela’s imprisonment and Presidency! – Instagram @drfoodie

Private Robben Island Tour - 15 Nov 2022

It was a fantastic session and our folk really appreciated it. We have received great feedback on it.

Kearney, UK - Allyship Remote Session - 4 October 2022

On behalf of the Proteas squad, I would like to thank Christo for a very interesting and thought-provoking tour of Robben Island. The guys have learnt a great deal today. – David Miller

Proteas Cricket Squad, Private Robben Island Tour - 21 Sept 2022

Janet and I were part of Colleen Ensil’s group at your house this evening.

It was, quite simply, unforgettable. I am still processing everything that you shared with us.

Please accept deep thanks for the way you enlightened us about your life experiences.

And, please share thanks also to your wife, daughter-in-law, and Andrew for everything they did to help make tonight happen.

Best of luck in your ongoing ventures. You are a special person, with a special story to tell. We are so lucky to have heard at least some of it directly from you.

Home dinner - Janet and Willi Fast, 11th August 2022

We recently had guests (the Davidsons) return from Stars of S Africa. They took the Robben Island option with Christo.

They had been to Robben Island before, but they said the tour with Christo was life changing.

Please send him my sincere thank you – because that’s what it is all about when going to S Africa…. It changed me…for sure.

Todd Ney, AmaWaterways - August, 2022

Hello Mr Brand,

I have recently finished your wonderful book “Doing Life with Mandela – My Prisoner, My Friend”. I wanted to thank you for sharing such interesting insights into the life of Nelson Mandela and into your own personal life.

Your stories are so down-to-earth and genuine, and I learned so much from them. I was inspired to read the details of how Mr Mandela triumphed after so many years of oppression and perseverance. It is remarkable to think you were able to support him through so much of his struggle. It gives me renewed hope for humanity.

I am sincerely sorry to hear about the passing of your son, you must be so proud of both your boys.

I hope to visit Robben Island one day and see the museum. I am glad that it has been preserved to honour the memory of those who spent so much of their lives there, both prisoners and prison staff.

Best wishes,
Emma (Australia)

Doing Life with Mandela - book feedback, Emma Newman - July 2022

Very excited for clients who are meeting Christo Brand this evening in South Africa. I was fortunate enough to meet this gentleman a few years ago. A truly remarkable man – travelinglux on Instagram

Evening talk, 26 June 2022 - Instagram

Today we visited Robben Island. We were lucky later to meet the Mandela jailer in person Christo Brand who shared his experience and gave us a copy of his book.

Instagram, 11 July 2022

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed hearing and speaking to you and Christo this morning. Watching from the back you could see the boys were really engaged; in fact, as soon as you went off line, several of them commented how good it had been. Speaking for myself, I found it once again a fascinating talk – and really quite emotional. It is so good for the young to experience things like this – thank you so much for putting it on. – Tom Edwards

Summer Fields School, Oxford - Zoom, 14th June 2022

That has to be the best one hour I have spent in ten years – a WBHS parent.

Wynberg Boys High School matrics and parents - 14th June 2022


“Beautiful story of an unlikely friendship that lasted decades.”BMR, MSW, LSW

Very interesting and truly inspiring. Christo Brand (Mandela’s warder) has a very straight-forward writing style, which I personally liked. In addition to the incredible lives led by Mandela and his fellow prisoners, it is fascinating to read a first hand account of a white working class young man growing up during the Apartheid, finding himself stationed with the political prisoners, and becoming a friend of the men he guarded, both during and after their time in prison.” – Laura Pugh

Fascinating book by a man who became friends with Mandela while serving as his warder (prison guard). Interesting look at the period leading to his becoming the president of South Africa, with interesting glimpses of behind-scenes developments. Also really showed the humanity of Mandela in ways no one else could have.” – Dee Halzack

Inspiring story that shows extending kindness even in the darkest of situations can have positive results.” – Sarah Snow

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“A powerful and heartwarming story about two men!” – carol dougherty

“Had the privilege of meeting and hearing Mr Brand speak while on a trip to South Africa. Enjoyed reading the entire story and learning more about Mandela.” –

This book should be prescribed reading for all warders, teaches, policeman and people who are taking up positions of power over others.
Mandela at a time of powerlessness recognized that Christo Brand was also in a weak position an gave him respect. Mandela was able to distinguish between the warder and the organization and protected Christo by not demanding favors that would have had bad consequences for Him.
Mandela would have had many warders during his time in prison and I like to think that dome of the others might have also been like Christo. Some might have been moved on because they where also bending the rules in favor of their special prisoners.
” –

Love this book!” –

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