Absolutely fascinating and moving, especially to hear about the parallels between the lives of Christo and Nelson Mandela, two men who, as you say ought to have been enemies, yet became such close friends. Christo clearly feels blessed to have known Madiba, but I get the sense that Mandela was also blessed to have known Christo. He spoke with such warmth, humility and honesty.

The boys were clearly also very interested – some wonderful questions. I hope Christo enjoyed answering them. I particularly liked his answer to a very good question about whether being in prison shaped Nelson Mandela into the leader he became.

Please pass on our thanks to Christo. Do let me know if you ever plan to visit the UK again; it would be wonderful to meet you both in person.

Sam Moss of Horris Hill Prep School (UK) - Zoom, 12th February 2021

We had a great time with Christo thank you! It worked well having breakfast with him first before the tour with Manfred. And Christo and Manfred were good together with their different perspectives.

Thank you for your help organising it, we’ll definitely recommend the experience to friends.

Private tour of Mandela House at Drakenstein, Naomi Tarry - 6th Feb 2021

Christo and Andrew delivered a stunning online talk on Nelson Mandela to over 250 children and their parents in the UK. It was a fascinating insight into the life of Mandela, but also Christo’s close association with him. The presentation was first class but the talk really burst into life during the Q&A with Christo. His passion, honesty and admiration for his friend really shone through and it left the children mesmerized by the incredible story he had told. This is a story you simply have to hear and there’s no one better to tell it than Christo.

Tom Chapman, Cheam Prep - MS Teams talk, 28th January 2021

It was AMAZING!!!! We all absolutely loved meeting Christo and hearing his stories. We were all captivated!

Pineapple House private function - 24th January 2021

It went SO SO well!! Everyone is still talking about it. And the messages were so perfect for our Global Week and for this moment in the United States. There was certainly a lot of excitement and it was excellent that our school president also attended. The whole thing made me miss South Africa, of course. I hope we can return soon with our students – and we can meet in person!

Cecilia Nipp, Ursuline Academy of Dallas, Zoom - 19th January 2021

I believe that your presentation with Christo was one of the most valuable experiences one could have. It is important for us to experience firsthand, when possible, the original voice of experience. I was lucky enough to nab a copy of Doing Time With Mandela, too.  I found a used one and it is in very good shape. So, now I have a much richer context in which to take it all in.

Kathy Ross, Ursuline Academy of Dallas - Zoom, 19th January 2021

Thank you sooooo much for arranging this assembly and having Mr. Christo Brand speak. His testimonies were amazing and the presentation was moving to me. It was such a privilege to hear him speak and I appreciate all the work that you both do.

Washington Cathedral School - Student comment, January 2021

Thank you so much for the inspiring, powerful talk yesterday! It made such an impact! I am so grateful we were connected to you and able to hear from you and Christo. The stories were all so impactful and moving. I was especially moved by the story about Christo’s son’s relationship with Mandela. I cannot imagine the pain of losing his child, but for Christo to share the beautiful connection his son had with Mandela, and how because of that he spent his life doing what he most wanted, was so powerful.

It was wonderful to spend an hour immersed in Mandela’s teaching and greatness. It left us heartened for the work ahead in our community and country.

Washington Cathedral School, Zoom - 13th January 2021

Meeting Christo Brand was such an honour. Spending years as Mandela’s prison guard, Christo was simply awe inspiring. To hear his stories and have the opportunity to ask questions about his time with Mandela is something I will always remember.

Aussie in Africa - Instagram, January 2021

Hi – my name is Bianca and I’m a Brazilian living in Mexico. I’ve just finished your book and OMG. I had no idea about all you lived with Mandela, but in this book I know the huge human being that you are. Seeing all the injustices and living like a prisoner too. I’m so sorry about your son, but it reminded me about my uncle who died very young too. Thank you for sharing your memories!

Bianca Lopes, January 2021


“Beautiful story of an unlikely friendship that lasted decades.”BMR, MSW, LSW

Very interesting and truly inspiring. Christo Brand (Mandela’s warder) has a very straight-forward writing style, which I personally liked. In addition to the incredible lives led by Mandela and his fellow prisoners, it is fascinating to read a first hand account of a white working class young man growing up during the Apartheid, finding himself stationed with the political prisoners, and becoming a friend of the men he guarded, both during and after their time in prison.” – Laura Pugh

Fascinating book by a man who became friends with Mandela while serving as his warder (prison guard). Interesting look at the period leading to his becoming the president of South Africa, with interesting glimpses of behind-scenes developments. Also really showed the humanity of Mandela in ways no one else could have.” – Dee Halzack

Inspiring story that shows extending kindness even in the darkest of situations can have positive results.” – Sarah Snow

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“A powerful and heartwarming story about two men!” – carol dougherty

“Had the privilege of meeting and hearing Mr Brand speak while on a trip to South Africa. Enjoyed reading the entire story and learning more about Mandela.” –

This book should be prescribed reading for all warders, teaches, policeman and people who are taking up positions of power over others.
Mandela at a time of powerlessness recognized that Christo Brand was also in a weak position an gave him respect. Mandela was able to distinguish between the warder and the organization and protected Christo by not demanding favors that would have had bad consequences for Him.
Mandela would have had many warders during his time in prison and I like to think that dome of the others might have also been like Christo. Some might have been moved on because they where also bending the rules in favor of their special prisoners.
” –

Love this book!” –

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