Had the opportunity to meet Christo Brand and hear him tell stories about his job as a prison warden on Robben Island and how he became the best friend of Nelson Mandela.  Remarkable! From poen2000 on Instagram

Mechelen, Belgium - September 2019

Our Earlybirds had the great privilege of receiving a special visit!  They heard the story of the prison warder on Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was. Many thanks to Christo Brand for the opportunity to share your story with our group.

Earlybirds - 28th August 2019

It was a pleasure meeting you and Christo! Such a wonderful story!! I hope to see you in Dallas soon.

Kent Rathbun - 30th July 2019

We had the wonderful honour and privilege of hosting a tour with Nelson Mandela’s prison warder Christo Brand.  Inspirational speaker, author of My Prisoner, My Friend. He takes guests on an informative, real time journey of his past and the experiences with our South African hero…Madiba.

Private Tour, Island View Tours, 18 July 2019

Christo, it was an honour to have met you this morning and heard your truly inspiring talk on Doing Life with Mandela.

Alastair Collins, May 2019

Thank you, Christo, for a great tour!  I loved meeting you and hearing your stories about your friendship with Nelson Mandela.  You’re a kind and wonderful person, a great human being.

Private Tour, Liz Warkenstein, June 2019

We enjoyed a wonderful evening at Cellars-Hohenhort listening to Christo Brand, former warden on Robben Island and co-author of My Prisoner, My Friend based on his ling term friendship with Nelson Mandela.  Loved the Mandela inspired menu by Chef Paul Nash.

Cellars-Hohenhort Hotel, Mandela Day, 18 July 2019

The clients loved the tour with Christo – they really, really enjoyed the intimacy.

Jetty One and Pollsmoor Half Day Tour, 25 July 2019

The talk was great. Christo was engaging and clear and his story was powerful and inspiring. It was amazing to hear his stories about Mandela and other political prisoners. I will definitely use Christo again as it’s the perfect solution for when Robben Island is cancelled.

Mike Gathercole, 2 Way Travel - Robben Island Plan B, 2 July 2019

Michiel was awesome today, we had a good tour on the island and it made all the difference doing it this way! My guests were very happy and they said it was the only way to experience the island having done it the normal way 10 years prior!

Thanks for your assistance and I hope to be in contact soon with future tours!

Private Robben Island Tour with Michiel Vosloo - Tina Boast, June 2019


“Beautiful story of an unlikely friendship that lasted decades.”BMR, MSW, LSW

Very interesting and truly inspiring. Christo Brand (Mandela’s warder) has a very straight-forward writing style, which I personally liked. In addition to the incredible lives led by Mandela and his fellow prisoners, it is fascinating to read a first hand account of a white working class young man growing up during the Apartheid, finding himself stationed with the political prisoners, and becoming a friend of the men he guarded, both during and after their time in prison.” – Laura Pugh

Fascinating book by a man who became friends with Mandela while serving as his warder (prison guard). Interesting look at the period leading to his becoming the president of South Africa, with interesting glimpses of behind-scenes developments. Also really showed the humanity of Mandela in ways no one else could have.” – Dee Halzack

Inspiring story that shows extending kindness even in the darkest of situations can have positive results.” – Sarah Snow

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“A powerful and heartwarming story about two men!” – carol dougherty

“Had the privilege of meeting and hearing Mr Brand speak while on a trip to South Africa. Enjoyed reading the entire story and learning more about Mandela.” –

This book should be prescribed reading for all warders, teaches, policeman and people who are taking up positions of power over others.
Mandela at a time of powerlessness recognized that Christo Brand was also in a weak position an gave him respect. Mandela was able to distinguish between the warder and the organization and protected Christo by not demanding favors that would have had bad consequences for Him.
Mandela would have had many warders during his time in prison and I like to think that dome of the others might have also been like Christo. Some might have been moved on because they where also bending the rules in favor of their special prisoners.
” –

Love this book!” –

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