Talk with Rune Engstrom’s group – 13 October 2018

I have long been looking forward to meeting Christo and listening to what he could tell about his meeting with Nelson Mandela.  At school we were concerned about what happened in South Africa during the apartheid regime. In Norway, we are proud to have awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to 4 South Africans.

I have been to Vietnam and talked to the young people about their reactions after the Vietnam War. They talk about forgive, lagging behind to build a new future. Many of the same thoughts about reconciliation that came from South Africa. Both of these countries have been concerned about it. It has been interesting to see. And there lies our future, for all of us, I think. This is also the central part of the Christian message (I am a Christian), forgiveness and reconciliation. 

South Africa was a contrasting trip with many highlights. The meeting with Christo and you was one of them. It was a great time for our trip. I have received many positive feedback on this hour we got together.

I sent my best Regards to Christo!

Leon Haugsbo, Norway

Talk with Rune Engstrom's group - 13 October 2018
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