Emanuel School, UK – Zoom, 14th October 2021

I thought the Christo Brand talk was: Inspirational – the story of a relationship between a guard and a prisoner. From one hour of Christo Brand talking I could see how kind Christo Brand was to all and what colour your skin was didn’t matter. From one hour Christo Brand told the highs (playing table tennis with Nelson Mandela ) and the lows (when Christo Brand’s son sadly dies). This talk taught me a lot. Many thanks – Flo
I found the talk very interesting, as Nelson Mandela saw that his prison guard was still a person and wanted to be his friend. It was nice hearing Christo talking about their friendship, and the fact that Nelson Mandela found Christo after he was released shows that he thought that Christo was a genuinely good person – James

Emanuel School, UK - Zoom, 14th October 2021
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