Ashbury College remote talk with Igshaan Amlay, 11th February 2022

I wanted to thank both of you for the excellent presentation to the Ashbury students last Friday.

Christo, as always your story continues to the inspire. The students not only learn so much about Nelson Mandela, but the message of respect, compassion and humanity are so important to them.

Igshaan, thank you so much for joining the presentation. The students were amazed by your story, and horrified by the treatment you faced under the apartheid state. Today’s youth live in a world, where such injustices are rare (although there is still work to be done), in large part their world is a better place due to the struggles that you and your peers went through. The students were very moved by your story and truly could relate, being a similar age to what you were when you were tried, convicted and imprisoned. You are a gifted speaker, and at least for me, you truly brought the horror and the chaos of that horrible day to life. Also it was wonderful for the students to see how you and Christo bonded, and have formed a lifelong friendship. The strength of your friendship was very clear from the presentation.

Thank you to both of you for sharing your story, and I would be remiss not to thank Andrew for his fine job as moderator. I don’t recall a presentation at Ashbury being so well received by all in the school.

Ian Middleton, History Teacher.

Ashbury College remote talk with Igshaan Amlay, 11th February 2022
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