Private Robben Island Tour, Jess and Jason – April 2022

I’m honored, humbled, in awe. And, honestly, still in disbelief that we met in-person. As an avid and interested learner of African history, it was surreal to share conversations with you and I’m quite sure I wasn’t terribly articulate under the pressure!

Once I started your book, there was hardly any putting it down, I finished in two days. Reminiscent of Hamilton & Washington, your close relationship with Mr. Mandela obviously influenced his policy, his rhetoric, and subsequently your country’s future without the need for outside recognition. Your contributions to this modern South Africa are so great and you react to it all in such a humble manner that it brings tears to my eyes. It’s clear that you and Mr. Mandela were meant to be friends, old kindred souls finding each other and growing from the friendship. Both such caring people, understanding the bigger picture and trying to prepare for it.

It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to spend those few hours together on your island of ghosts. I will forever cherish this autographed book and the memories you gave us. Thank you for sharing your story, for continuing to inspire everyone you come in contact with, and for your beautiful commitment to humanity. Please if you ever come to Miami, I would be delighted to see you again, share a meal, a drink, or a handshake. And I’ll be ready to bother you and your wife for some famous fruit cake next time we’re in Cape Town! I wish you and your family nothing less than complete happiness and fulfillment in the years to come. We are endlessly appreciative of you.

Private Robben Island Tour, Jess and Jason - April 2022
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